About us:

BARCELBAL began its activity on the weighing industry in the 80's, with the development of its activity based on a rigorous and sustained growth has created a solid, competent and professional organizational structure, continuously investing on Research, Technology, Quality and Innovation,

The direction of its activity led to the specialization of its ​​intervention areas on Development, Manufacturing, Commerce of weighing equipments and Industrial maintenance for all brands and types of scales. Complementing its range of offerings by developing its own Management Software optimized for specific management activities and integrated industry management.

Focusing it's performance on achieving the supremacy in the supply of products and services, pre and post sales with maximum quality. By coordinating its offer with competitive prices, BARCELBAL presents itself currently able to study and design all kinds of solutions for the most complex situations and industrial demands in the Monitoring, Management and Weighing procedure in order to achieve the FULL SATISFACTION OF OUR CLIENTS, regardless of their branch or activity sector.

At the Forefront of technology implementation BARCELBAL is characterized by the combination of technical knowledge excellence, with the growing need for application of technology to the Industrial Weighing sector.

The Certification and CE Approval, the new products, the improvements in the production process with constant technological evolution and development of Software and Integrated Weighing Systems ascribe nowadays to BARCELBAL the dynamics and necessary competence for a prosperous growth, sustained with a continuous evolution on Quality has an Excellence factor.

Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Innovation form the Philosophy of BARCELBAL.


BARCELBAL mission is to intervene with notoriety and credibility in the weighing industry, sustained by a group of qualified human resources, using innovative technologies and constantly updating itself.

Is a constant concern the improvement of work quality of our employees and ensure the necessary security conditions, innovation and development.

Create and develop weighing solutions for the customers with a reduced cost of ownership during the lifetime of the weighing systems.

Build long lasting relationships and partnerships with customers increasing their market competitiveness, fostering the growth and development of the National economy.

Consolidate its position in the domestic market, based on its principles and values ​​of quality with a continuous improvement in the area of ​​Research and Development.

Maximize and optimize our know-how in the Industrial Weighing field, to continue to intervene and enhance our reputation in the international market, being a sectorial reference in strategic markets.

The Barcelbal Values are based on the following principles:

Individuality - We consider each employee as unique, constantly looking to improve their individual skills.
Professional Development - Provide an environment that enables people to develop their skills, their creativity and their goals.
Transparency - Promote customer relations in a ethically responsible and sustainable way.
Commitment - We honor our commitments as agreed on contract.
Flexibility - We direct our efforts for the future, looking for long term success..
Legality - We respect all laws and regulations applicable to our activity sector.
Quality - Based on the full customer satisfaction.
Quality Policy:

BARCELBAL seeks to Integrate and promote on its productive system, KAIZEN principles and philosophies, in the quest for a continuous improvement:
Today better than yesterday, tomorrow better than today!

Satisfying the needs of customers by providing weighing solutions through Products / Services Maximum Quality.

Promote continuous improvements on the use of the Company resources and processes, within safe working conditions and environment preservation, creating value for its customers, employees, suppliers and society in general.

Quality Objectives:

- Full Customer Satisfaction;
- Employees Valuing;
- Ensuring the Safety and Ergonomics at work;
- Redistribute knowledge and assets by the employees;
- Improving the Quality Management System.