barcelbal, s.a. - sme leader 2020 data:28/10/2020

Barcelbal, S.A. - SME Leader 2020
Barcelbal, S.A. - PME Líder 2020
Barcelbal S.A., has just received the status of PME Leader 2020, thus reaching one of the most desired levels and recognition in the national business sector.

This recognition once again highlights the continuous work of growth and quality developed by the entire Barcelbal team and the success of the implemented business strategy.
The distinction and attribution of the PME Leader status to our company is yet another guarantee to all our customers and partners of the quality and seriousness of all Barcelbal processes.

barcelbal and the olive oil production data:26/10/2020

Barcelbal and the Olive Oil Production
autor:Orlando Lima

The olive oil and olive production, remains one of the key national economy sectors, with an annual significant increase in both the production level, making Portugal theoretically self-sufficient and in the export level, being one of the main export sectors of our economy.
Barcelbal is proud of its contribution to the improvement of the production systems of enterprises in various sectors of activity and production, especially in the olive oil and olive production sector, where historically it followed their growth by providing and developing tools, software and specific weighing systems that ensure the efficiency increase of this productive sector.

The recognition of Barcelbal in this industry comes from its capacity for innovation and to develop customized solutions to each costumer as well as the strategic partnerships that are being consolidated over the years, allowing each year the satisfaction of more and more customers and to increase the quality levels of the services provided to each of them.

At the end of another annual campaign, Barcelbal thanks all its customers in the olive oil production sector, the preference and the trust placed in our brand, in our equipment and our services.

For more information regarding our solutions for your Olive Oil Mill, please visit:

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self service station mc-selfgest cash data:08/09/2020

MC-SelfGest Cash Launch
Weighing Payment through banknotes
MC-SelfGest CashMC-SelfGest AdvancedMC-SelfGest Standard
Barcelbal – Weighing Systems, S.A. constantly seeks to develop, innovate and create differentiating weighing solutions that are an asset for customers and partners.

We take this opportunity to present Barcelbal latest innovation, the Self-Service Indicator MC-SelfGest Cash for use and manage weighing’s on Weighbridges.
MC-SelfGest systems are characterized by their flexibility, adaptability, intuitive use and for being tools that allow to automate and simplify weighing processes.

MC-SelfGest Cash is distinguished from other solutions on the market by:
  • Accepts payment with banknotes and / or coins.
  • Calculate and return of change
  • Works with all brands and models of weighbridges on the market
  • Possibility of parameterization in different currencies
  • Multilingual software
Remaining range of MC-SelfCest Automatic Stations:
  • MC-SelfGest Standard - For quick and autonomous activation and weighing.
  • MC-SelfGest Advanced - Advanced self-service weighing station that enables weighing management to be integrated and global, through interconnection with the most varied peripherals.
Contact us on 00351 253 606 590 and / or for more information

recent weighbridge installations data:16/12/2019

MCA-P Weighbridge Póvoa do Varzim Ecocenter
Metal / Concrete structure
weighbridge mca-p
Barcelbal weighbridge model MCA-P with Metal / Concrete structure, recently installed at the Póvoa do Varzim Ecocenter.

Equipment with 16,00 x 3,00mts and 60T capacity.
Weighing management and access control through the installation of road barriers and Barcelbal software module TruckinGest.

recent weighbridge installations data:02/12/2019

Weighbridge Barcelbal model MCA-PMBF
Installation made in Castro Verde
Weighbridge - MCA-P
The Barcelbal technical department designs, develops and manufactures state-of-the-art weighing solutions, meeting the most varied needs of its customers.

Model MCA-PMBF 16,00 x 3,00mts, 60T capacity and structure in Metal / Concrete. Factory formwork and concreting, allowing quick installation and start-up of the weighing system.

recent weighbridge installations data:25/11/2019

MCA-P Weighbridge Luanda - Angola
Barcelbal Worldwide
Weighbridge MCA-P
We have successfully concluded another installation in Angola, demonstrating the consolidation of the Barcelbal brand internationally and our presence in strategic markets.

We guarantee and provide technical assistance and maintenance services throughout the Angolan territory.

MCA-P Metallic Weighbridge with 16.00 x 3.00mts and 60T capacity.

recent weighbridge installations data:25/11/2019

Weighbridge MCA-P installed in Faro
We successfully completed the installation of a Weighbridge MCA-P at the WWTP in Faro.

MCA-P Weighbridge installed with the Barcelbal Auto Service System, allowing truck drivers to carry out weighing simply and independently.
Equipment with 16.00 x 3.00mts and 60T capacity.

recent weighbridge installations data:28/10/2019

Weighbridge in Tomar
Concrete Ramps MCA-P Model
MCA-P Weighbridge Installation MCA-P in Tomar.

The quality of the equipment’s and Barcelbal technical department once again proven. We install weighing equipment’s and systems in the most adverse conditions and terrains.

MCA-P Weighbridge with 16.00 x 3.00mts and 60T capacity.

recent weighbridge installations data:21/10/2019

Weighbridge MCA-P installed in Sever do Vouga
MCA-P Metallic Weighbridge with 18,00 x 3,00mts 60T capacity.

Installation in Sever do Vouga made in the above ground configuration and with concrete ramps.

recent weighbridge installations data:16/09/2019

MCA-P with Metallic Ramps in Caldas da Rainha
Portable weighbridge
Weighbridge MCA-P
Barcelbal Portable MCA-P Weighbridge - Metallic ramps solution without the need for civil construction.

Installation recently performed in Caldas da Rainha.