self service station mc-selfgest cash data:08/09/2020

MC-SelfGest Cash Launch
Weighing Payment through banknotes
MC-SelfGest CashMC-SelfGest AdvancedMC-SelfGest Standard
Barcelbal – Weighing Systems, S.A. constantly seeks to develop, innovate and create differentiating weighing solutions that are an asset for customers and partners.

We take this opportunity to present Barcelbal latest innovation, the Self-Service Indicator MC-SelfGest Cash for use and manage weighing’s on Weighbridges.
MC-SelfGest systems are characterized by their flexibility, adaptability, intuitive use and for being tools that allow to automate and simplify weighing processes.

MC-SelfGest Cash is distinguished from other solutions on the market by:
  • Accepts payment with banknotes and / or coins.
  • Calculate and return of change
  • Works with all brands and models of weighbridges on the market
  • Possibility of parameterization in different currencies
  • Multilingual software
Remaining range of MC-SelfCest Automatic Stations:
  • MC-SelfGest Standard - For quick and autonomous activation and weighing.
  • MC-SelfGest Advanced - Advanced self-service weighing station that enables weighing management to be integrated and global, through interconnection with the most varied peripherals.
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