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Barcelbal MCA-C Scales with platform are characterized by their extreme versatility. Designed for a variety of weighing solutions adapting to all demands of the most complex and diverse sectors of industrial and commercial weighing.

Barcelbal MCA-C models with single cell platform are developed based on the principle of industrial ergonomics and safety of our customers.

Constructed and structurally reinforced to withstand a load of 150% in relation to the maximum nominal net load allowable for the MCA-C platform. Featuring a high precision, easy installation, handling and low maintenance requirements.

MCA-C Platform is compatible with the full range of Barcelbal's weighing indicators.
Barcelbal has specific Cabinets and Stands available for the weighing indicators according to the industry needs and customer desire.

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Available versions:
  • To place on Bench / Desk;
  • To place on the ground;
  • With legs;
  • With legs and column;
Construction Versions and Finishing:
  • Construction Steel treated by hot dip galvanizing process;
  • Industrial painting with Barcelbal's Anticorrosive Epoxy Enamel;
  • Stainless Steel structure EN 1.4301 (AISI 304);
  • Stainless Steel structure EN 1.4401 (AISI 316;
  • Mixed Platform - Structure in Painted Steel and Stainless Steel Plate.
Available on different levels of protection:
  • Rating IP65
  • Rating IP67
  • Rating IP68 (EN 60529)
  • EX Protection (Atex 94/9/CE)
Conformity and CE Approval:
  • CE Approval Certificate N.º E03-00-0006
  • Directive 90/384/CE
  • Directive 2009/23/CE
  • OIML Approval Certificate N.º R60 N76 (International Organization of Legal Metrology)

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