Industrial Ramps Scale MCA-R

Barcelbal MCA-R Scales are developed based on the principle of Industrial safety and ergonomics of our client.
Constructed and structurally reinforced to withstand a load of 150% in relation to the maximum nominal net load allowable for the MCA-R platform.
The MCA-R weighing platform has a low profile height of 5.5 cm, with a compact and extremely robust structure, characterized by it´s great mobility between weighing locations and its easy cleaning.
Specially designed with ramps for weighing goods on pallet trucks and trolleys.
Equipment with no maintenance required and ready for harsh industrial environments.
The platform has incorporated a weighing system of independent points with four load cells in stainless Steel.
The stainless Steel feet directly connected to the four weighing points allow a quick and easy levelling to the ground.
Its entire construction made in stainless Steel and load cells with IP68 rating also in stainless Steel , makes this device an ideal solution for the food industry, dyeing and activities in hazardous environments.

MCA-R Platform is compatible with the full range of Barcelbal's weighing Indicators.
Barcelbal has specific Cabinets and Stands available for the weighing Indicators according to the industry needs and customer desire.

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Range (kg)Graduation (g)Dimensions (mts)
1,00 x 1,00
1,25 x 1,25
1,50 x 1,25
1,00 x 1,00
1,25 x 1,25
1,50 x 1,25
1,50 x 1,50
1,25 x 1,25
1,50 x 1,25
1,50 x 1,50


Conformity and
  • CE Approval Certificate N.º E03-00-0006
  • Directive 90/384/CE
  • Directive 2009/23/CE
  • OIML Approval Certificate N.º R60 N76 (International Organization of Legal Metrology)
Construction Versions and Finishing:
  • Construction Steel treated by hot dip galvanizing process;
  • Industrial painting with Barcelbal's Anticorrosive Epoxy Enamel;
  • Stainless Steel structure
    EN 1.4301 (AISI 304);
  • Stainless Steel structure EN 1.4401 (AISI 316).
Protection Levels:
  • Rating IP65
  • Rating IP67
  • Rating IP68 (EN 60529)
  • EX Protection
    (Atex 94/9/CE)

++ CEN Standards - European Committee for Standardisation

The MCA-P weighbridge materials meet the CEN standards - European Committee for Standardisation, having certificates of origin by their manufacturers.
The characteristics of the steel sheets and profiles used in the Weighbridge MCA-P comply with the EN 10025-2004. standard.
The manufacture of the metal structures (production, execution and assembly) is regulated by the PrEN 1090.
The profiled steel obeys the general technical conditions relating to materials and construction elements:

NP105 – Tensile testing of metals;
NP106 – Brinell Hardness test;
NP141 – Rockwell Hardness test;
NP – 269 – Charpy impact test with notched sample
NP – 335 – Hot rolled steel bracket with equal tabs
NP – 338 – Rolled steel U profile
NP – 2116 – Hot rolled Steel IPE profile
NP – 2117 – Hot rolled Steel HEB profile

++ Hot Dip Galvanizing Process

Hot Dip Galvanizing Process - Weighbridge MCA-P:
  • Degreasing - immersion in acid solution to remove oil and greasy substances.
  • Acid chemical pickling - bath in sulfuric acid (H2S04).
  • Fluxing - dip in ZnCl solution and ammonia to clean the surface to give the base for the zinc.
  • Pre-drying - period in the oven at 60 ° C for drying treatment of the previous step.
  • Bath in Molten Zinc - immersion in molten zinc from 440 º C to 46 º C, for reaction between Fe / Zn, which makes up the final Steel protective coating

++ Painting /Treatment with BARCELBAL Epoxy Enamel:

The metal profiles undergo a cleaning and painting process with BARCELBAL anti corrosion epoxy enamel paint, whereas the structural screws receive a chemical treatment (dacrotizing) ensuring a high degree of durability.

BARCELBAL epoxy enamel coating is formulated with special epoxy resins, ensuring a finish with excellent chemical and mechanical resistance, and physiologically harmless after hardened.
The obtained finishing is smooth and resembling a glaze, high resistant to wear made by the trucks transit, even when drying proceeds at low temperatures and high relative humidity. Features great resistance to grease, oils and non-oxidizing diluted acids.

BARCELBAL Treatment and Epoxy Painting Process:
  • 2 coats of epoxy alkyd primer: 35 microns (minimum per coat).
  • 2 coats of epoxy enamel finishing: 60 microns (minimum per coat).
  • Total thickness: 190 microns (minimum).

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